Good translations need two things: linguistic skills and experience plus well-founded specialized knowledge. My education and professional experience have permitted me to combine language proficiency and specialized knowledge in a mutually beneficial way.


Scientific-technical basics

  • Linguistic/scientific orientation during high school
  • Baccalaureate/high-school diploma majoring in mathematics and physics, minoring in chemistry
  • 7 years of Computer Science studies at the University of Karlsruhe (TH), including one year at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland); Master’s degree in Computer Science


Language skills

  • 7 years of English and 7 years of French during high school
  • 6 years of evening classes in Spanish; final exam with teaching certificate
  • Language classes in Portuguese and Dutch
  • 6 years of professional experience in Brussels, Belgium
  • 6 years of professional experience in Washington, DC (USA)
  • 1.5 years of professional experience in France
  • 16 years of deployment as a Liaison Officer to American, French, Spanish and Belgian army units during reserve exercises of the German army (Bundeswehr)
  • More than 22 years of professional experience as a technical translator and editor, as well as a consecutive interpreter


Areas of expertise and specialization

  • Information technology, computers, software localization
  • Medicine, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, biochemistry
  • Mechanics, automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering
  • General engineering
  • Market research and market research studies
  • Military and military technology
  • Websites, correspondence, presentations
  • Newsletters, brochures and other PR texts
  • Graphic industry, print and pre-press
  • Business and economics (transport, logistics, finances, etc.)
  • Legal and contractual documents


Please inquire for my complete résumé/C.V. and professional references.